Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Day 61 - Tomato Seedling Update

They are doing quite well.  I'm feeling very proud of my little tomato plants.  Day 61, after starting them from seeds, they are really coming along.  I like my little staking system using wood skewers for BBQ grills.

If we were not hitting a cold snap this week in Central Florida, I would have already put them out in the Earthbox.  However, we're headed into the low 30's tonight and so I've got them inside where it is warm.  As soon as we get past the cold spell, I'll be working on planting them in the Earthbox.

Each day I can see them getting stronger, filling out more and really growing.  Hopefully they do well once planted, but I'm relatively pleased with how they have worked out.  It is my first time planting them from scratch.

So anyway, here's a video I did just showing more closely how they are doing.  You get to listen to my relaxing piano music in there as well as an added bonus (unless YouTube takes my own music down on me).  That's another  story with YouTube and copyright issues!

Day 61 - Tomato Update Video

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