Monday, December 11, 2017

AreoGarden - Week Number 1

Well, I went out and did it!  We bought the AreoGarden.  I had been looking at it for a long time, but with a sale and a 20% off coupon at Bed Bath And Beyond, I was able to buy this.  For me, it is a no-brainer if it works.  Reviews online are good about the AreoGarden, so hopefully, I'm delighted with this.

As a kid, we grew up with a big garden, and I miss that.  Sure, I live in Florida but now that were into the colder months, weather lows are unpredictable.  If I can grow anything inside, I'm all for it.  I dislike going to the store and buying produce that has been sprayed with gallons of pesticide and coated with wax.

We are running our lights for 17 hours starting at 6 am.

In our AreoGarden, we planted mint, cilantro, rosemary, baby greens, salad greens and romaine.

First Week - AreoGarden

  • 12/07/17 - Day 1: Planted Seeds
  • 12/08/17 - Day 2: Nothing new showing up today yet.
  • 12/09/17 - Day 3: Baby Greens is beginning to emerge.
  • 12/10/17 - Day 4: Salad Greens is now beginning to emerge.
  • 12/11/17 - Day 5: Romaine is now up and emerging.
  • 12/12/17 - Day 6: Baby Greens growth has pushed the dome cap off
  • 12/13/17 - Day 7: Rosemary emerging.

Day 1 - AreoGarden 12/07/17

Day 2 - AreoGarden 12/08/17

Day 3 - AreoGarden 12/09/17

Day 4 - AreoGarden 12/10/17

Day 5 - AreoGarden 12/11/17

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