Monday, January 1, 2018

AreoGarden - Week Number 4

I was gone on vacation for the past week and wow, week 4 has surprised me!  The way things had been growing, I expected some growth, but not like what I saw when I got home.  The salad greens, Romaine and Baby Greens, were growing like there was no tomorrow.

Some of the plants had proliferated that they were touching their lives and the tips of their leaves were scorched.  I thought I had allowed enough space between the plants and the light, but apparently, I miscalculated my estimation.

The first couple of weeks had used barely any water, but when I got home, the "add water" indicator was on, and I could see it was nearly dry inside the reservoir tank.  Since I had just added food before I left, I did not add any more when I filled the water.  I'm not sure if I was right or wrong on that.  It is due to add water in a couple of days anyway.

The Cilantro did not emerge.  I also noticed that the herbs were probably not the best thing to put in with the salad greens and other stuff.  The Rosemary and Mint are growing, but not very quickly.  It is a lesson learned.

We did enjoy some of the salad greens, and they taste so good!

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